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How to find us!

Just to be confusing, even though Christchurch is found on New Road, to get to Devotion's office you'll need to head down Oxford Street and use the door to the Wesley Hall. We use this entrance for the office, pizza+film nights, and Hangout@Devotion. 

For Christchurch's 9am service, please use the entrance on New Road.


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The Forge
Devotion's new St John's discussion group

Hangout@The Mead
Our new Tuesday night youth club in St Margaret's Mead.

Chaplaincy@St John's
Chaplaincy work at St John's Academy

Our drop-in youth club for 11-15s, Thursdays from 7pm-8.30pm

The 9am
An informal hour of discussion, meditation, worship for people who want to think about life and faith