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from the 9th Feb we'll be starting a new-look 9am! 

On the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month we'll be focussing on new ways of looking at faith, new ideas about the Bible, and lots of the 'myth-busting' you guys were fond of in The Next Step and Sunday Cell!

You can come and join us in person, you'll be able to find the material we peruse on this page after the service, and we'll be encouraging you to use the 9am facebook page to chat about the ideas we'll introduce.

We would like the services to be open to those people who may be put off by what they think Christians believe, and those who may have gone off the boil with their faith, as well as those looking for new inspiration. 

We want the experience to bring discussion and interaction, so come and check us out and invite your friends!


To find out what Peta talked about on the new teaching Sundays

Click Here!


Christchurch Methodist church, with a little help from Devotion, runs an all-age contemporary Sunday service @9am!

The service was created by a group of very talented and enthusiastic young people who wanted to give the church an alternative worship and ministry experience. It's very informal, including contemporary music, reflection, prayer, and sharing thoughts on faith and life together. 2-year-olds come and worship with 80-year-olds and everyone in between.

It's followed by "Blessing you with Breakfast" where we all dig in to toast, cereal and lots of coffee whilst catching up with what everyone's been up to in the week.

Everyone is welcome, we'd love to see you! If you have questions then contact Peta using the form below.

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